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We have been on Winter Break for the last two weeks.  I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!  We have been very busy since August.  Here are some of the things we have learned this year in kindergarten:

*In reading, we have learned the letters m, s, p, t, c, h, f, r, l, n, d, g, and k.  We met the Alphafriends and learned the sound each letter makes.

*We have learned the following sight words:  I, like, me, my, see, can, the, to, it, is, for, off, have, are, play, said, and, go, & get.

*In writing, we have been practicing writing sentences in our journals using sight words and environmental print.  Most students are able to write at least one sentence in their journals. 

*In science, we have learned about the human body, the four seasons, colors, plant life, and matter in our classroom, Ms. Davis’ Science Lab, and during Fall Garden Day.

*The social studies concepts we have covered so far this year include friendship, citizenship, classroom/school rules, the Thanksgiving story, homes & families, and the world we live in.  During our Travels Around the World theme we learned about the culture, geography, flag, and languages of different countries, including the U.S.A.

*During calendar time each morning we practice many math concepts, such as counting, patterns, days/months, place value, and graphing.  During math groups we have learned about patterns, sorting, numbers 1-20, and many different types of problem solving. 

Welcome back!  This week we begin our theme called "Weather".  Here are some of the interesting things we are going to try to do this week:

*Our letter of the week is "b", and we will be learning about this letter in our Tuesday and Wednesday phonics centers.  We will meet our Alphafriend Benny Bear and complete the "b" page in our Alphabet books.